About Us

The Local Action Group “Virovitica Ring” (LAG “VIP”) is a non-profit association founded on September 14, 2012 in the northwestern part of Virovitica-Podravina County. It covers the area of Virovitica and 5 municipalities: Lukač, Špišić Bukovica, Pitomača, Suhopolje and Gradina, who are also the founders of the LAG.

The establishment of the LAG “VIP” is the foundation for the implementation of the LEADER program (franc. “Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l’Économie Rurale”), which means “Links between Actions in Rural Development” in the Republic of Croatia, whose main objective is to promote and improving rural development and achieving the best possible cooperation between local self-government units, non-governmental organizations, private and civil sector, family farms, youth, women and various socio-economically vulnerable groups.

The LAG’s most important tasks include the development and implementation of the Local Development Strategy and the encouragement of the local population to design, develop and implement development projects, since they know best about the problems, needs and untapped potential of their area.

Vision The Local Action Group “Virovitica Ring” is to enable and promote a balanced development of the entire rural area that will be based on the efficient use of all economic, agricultural, tourism and cultural resources, environmental protection and sustainable development in order to achieve as high a rate of employment and increase the level of education.

The most important part of LAG’s Local Development Strategy is to define the development goals, priorities and measures that will be the basis for the preparation, selection and implementation of the LAG’s proposed development projects.


1. Development of Agriculture in the LAG,
2. Development of the economy based on small and medium entrepreneurship
3. Human Resources Development and Identity LAG Boosting
4. Improving living conditions and improving environmental protection


• improving rural, living and working conditions,
• building of LAG areas by developing products based on linking traditional and cultural-historical heritage and innovation,
• providing information flows and transferring knowledge for progress in the development of the rural economy and the local community,
• networking between stakeholders who contribute to the goal and interest in the development of rural areas,
• joint planning of the overall development of the LAG area,
• exploitation and development of existing potential for rural development,
• strengthening of financial and human capacity to implement rural development projects,
• preparation of the LAG area for the use of the EU Structural Funds,
• care about infrastructure, ecological, social, cultural, economic and other development in the wider rural area.

The LAG’s activities to achieve the goals are:

• making a local development strategy for the LAG area,
• partner network development in the LAG area,
• care about the advancement and education of expert teams within the LAG area,
• care about the creation of professional, operational, material and physical prerequisites for joint planning and implementation of development projects in the LAG area,
• promoting the concept of sustainable development by better applying rural and regional policies to the EU bottom-up approach,
• setting priorities for the development of agriculture, tourism and other rural activities,
• advisory and technical assistance in the preparation and drafting of project documentation of entities operating within the LAG,
• monitoring of legal regulations and announcement of public tenders related to development opportunities and information of entities operating within the LAG on existing possibilities,
• cooperation with development agencies, educational institutions and competent bodies for professional education of their members,
• organization of study and professional travel,
• cooperation with related national and international organizations,
• cooperation with the competent authorities in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union, and exchange of experience and knowledge with other stakeholders in rural development,
• informing the public about the LEADER approach,
• promoting the young people’s interest in their stay in the rural area,
• the implementation of programs and projects of interest to the general good.



After passing the 2nd IPARD Program Measure 202 “Preparation and Implementation of Local Rural Development Strategies”, on February 23, 2014, the LAG ” Virovitica Ring ” signed the two-year IPARD Agreement with the Agricultural Payments Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development implementation of LEADER Measures 202 “Preparation and implementation of local rural development strategies” in 2014 and 2015. After sending the latest Payment Request for 2015, the Agriculture Paying Agency, Fisheries and Rural Development Agency has issued a Decision on Disbursement on the basis of which for the year 2015 LAG paid a total of 446,825.88 kuna, or 99.29% of the totaling HRK 450,000.00 for the year 2015. The last payment of the LAG “Virovitica Ring” amounted to HRK 699,984.52 for IPARD Measure 202 activities.

IPARD Measures 202 were allocated for the implementation of activities that included training and education of LAG employees and members, animation, promotion of promotional materials, organization of promotional events for LAG residents, organization of study trips, equipment procurement and complete office costs LAG.


On September 28, 2015, the Local Action Group “Virovitica Ring” received the Decision on Assigning Funds to Implement Sub-measure 19.1. “Preparatory Aid” under Measure 19 “LEADER – CLLD” from the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2014.-2020., the Agricultural Payments Agency, Fisheries and Rural Development Agency has made a Decision on Payment of the Last Payments Request, the “Virovitica Ring” action group approved the payment of funds in the amount of HRK 79,526.81. Paying the Final Payment Request The Local Action Group “Virovitica Ring” completed the implementation of Sub-measure 19.1. “Preparatory Aid” from the approved total of HRK 312,423.90 or 98.02% of the total amount allocated for the implementation of Sub-measure 19.1. “Preparative Aid”.

Means from Sub-measure 19.1. “Preparatory Aid” has been approved for the preparation of the Local Development Strategy of the Local Action Group “Virovitica Ring” for the period 2014.-2020., the organization of LAG meetings, employee participation and LAG members on workshops and meetings for the purpose of drafting the Strategy, furnishing the office and all current costs of the LAG.

A total of 9,293,805.99 HRK was approved at the LAG ” VIROVITICA RING ” for the implementation of the Local Development Strategy 2014.-2020.

On June 27, 2016, the LAG ” Virovitica Ring ” sent the application for the Call for Proposals Sub-measure 19.2. “Implementation of operations within the CLLD strategy” – implementation of type of operation 19.2.1. “Implementation of Operations within the CLLD Strategy” under Measure 19 “LEADER – CLLD” from the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2014.-2020., after the completion of the complaint handling and re-administrative process, and the procedure for increasing the public support due to the surplus of available funds , The Agency for Payments in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has announced the final results of the competition.

Accordingly, the Agency for Payments in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has selected 54 Local Action Groups (LAGs) from the territory of the Republic of Croatia for the implementation of Local Development Strategies (LRS) for the period 2014.-2020. A total of 463.096.945,70 HRK was allocated to the LAGs selected for the implementation of Sub-measure 19.2. “Implementation of Operations within the CLLD Strategy” (LRS Implementation), Submission 19.3. “Preparation and implementation of LAG cooperation activities” and Sub-measure 19.4. “Current Costs and Animation” from PRR 2014. – 2020.

Based on the Decision on the Selection of LAGs, the LAG “Virovitica Ring” approved public support in the total amount of HRK 9,293,805.99 since, due to the number of inhabitants and the number of local self-government units within the LAG, it was not possible to realize higher number of points or higher amount of support.

At the final rank of Sub-measure List of 19.2, the LAG “Virovitica Ring” took a high 17th place out of 54 LAGs selected from the territory of the Republic of Croatia, and by the amount of the grant awarded the best results compared to other LAGs in the area Virovitica-Podravina County.

After the signing of the Agreement with the Agency for Payments in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, the LAG “Virovitički prsten” will start issuing a tender for:

• Sub-measure 4.1. (type of operation 4.1.1 “Restructuring, modernization and increasing competitiveness of agricultural holdings”),
• Sub-measure 4.2. (type of operation 4.2.1 “Increase in value added to agricultural products”),
• Sub-measure 6.3. (type of operation 6.3.1 “Support to the development of small agricultural holdings”),
• Sub-measure 6.4. (type of operation 6.4.1 “Development of non-agricultural activities in rural areas”),
• Sub-measure 7.4. (type of operation 7.4.1 “Investments in launching, improving or expanding local core services for rural population, including leisure and cultural activities and related infrastructure”) and
• Sub-measure 8.5. (type of operation 8.5.2 “Establishment and arrangement of instructional trails, gazebo and other minor infrastructures”).
after which they will, in accordance with the defined criteria in their Local Development Strategy, select and finance projects from their area.

 (LRS LAG “VIP” for the period 2014-2020 can be downloaded at http://www.lagvip.hr/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Local-development-strategy-LAG-VIP. pdf)

At the very end, it should be emphasized that LAGs from the territory of the Republic of Croatia cover 516 units of local self-government with 6,161 inhabitants, and in the areas of LAG activity there are more than 2.2 million inhabitants in rural areas.


Tihana Harmund

Hrvoje Miler
Siniša Horvat
Marko Ajček


1. VTA Development Agency – Representative Tihana Harmund
2. Špišić Bukovica Municipality – Representative Hrvoje Miler
3. Gradina Municipality – Representative Marko Ajček
4. SPIDER GRUPA d.o.o. – Representative Zvonimir Bartolić
5. ARTOS d.o.o. – Representative Josip Bajer
6. DIBA d.o.o. – Representative Ljerka Blažević
7. OPG Marin Posavec – Representative Marin Posavec
8. Agricultural Crafts “Novosel” – Representative Blaženka Novosel
9. OPG Barčan Sanja – Representative Zlatko Barčan
10. OPG Ivan Kojadin – Representative Ivan Kojadin
11. Association „Čuvarice kult. baštine” Kladare – Representative Ivka Mađar
12. Fruit factory association VPŽ – Representative Stjepan Štiks
13. City Music Virovitica – Representative Ana Paloš
14. Association of Croatian War Veterans from the Homeland War of Suhopolje Municipality – Representative Đuro Ripli
15. Horse Riding Association „Graničari” Okrugljača – Representative Željko Škalić

SUPERVISORY BOARD (regular members)

1. Željko Grgačić – Chairman of the Supervisory Board
2. Davor Špoljar – Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
3. Mate Anić – Member of the Supervisory Bord

SUPERVISORY BODY (alternate members)

1. Katarina Đurđević
2. Dubravko Balint
3. Đurđica Giba